The Chest Club is a part of UF Foundation and funded by our sponsors including pharmaceutical companies, medical devices companies, and other companies that participate in each meeting and present their products and services in the exhibit area. The Chest Club encourages communications and solidarity among all attendees and representatives from the industry.

UF-COM organizes and works closely with local physicians and academicians that serve as moderators to plan for each meeting. Our local moderators identify the topics of interest and invite nationally known speakers for each meeting. Attendees generally present personal case studies related to the symposium topics with follow up discussion. Moderators allow time after each presentation for further discussion from attendees and moderate the subsequent discussions.

Topics for each lecture are selected based on the Chest Club missions and members requests and determined by the moderators. The topics are condition-based lectures on indications of medications, medical devices, laboratory testing for diagnosis, and other available diagnostic or treatment modalities. Pharma sponsored lectures are prohibited during the Chest Club meetings.